About Us

Our Mission
"To ensure all departmental and provincial specific data have a spatial reference that is easily accessible"
Our Vision
* Helpfulness
* Courteous
* Creativeness
* Innovativeness
* Develop its GIS staff and other departmental GIS stakeholders to their highest possible potential
Our Services include the following:
* Production of general and user specific maps (Paper and Electronic (PDF & JPG formats)
* Spatial data editing, manipulation and analysis
* GIS data storage facilities
* Interactive map distribution via the Internet
* GIS database design and spatial data modelling
* Drill down analysis of spatial information
* Assist in capturing departmental specific data
* Print maps from A4 to A0 size
* Laminate maps from A4 to A0 size
   -  (by laminating maps, one can draw on the map using white board markers to highlight points of   interest)
* Image Processing