About Us


Our Mission
"To ensure all departmental and provincial specific data have a spatial reference that is easily accessible"
Our Vision
* Helpfulness
* Courteous
* Creativeness
* Innovativeness
* Develop its GIS staff and other departmental GIS stakeholders to their highest possible potential
Our Services include the following:
* Production of general and user specific maps (Paper and Electronic (PDF & JPG formats)
* Spatial data editing, manipulation and analysis
* GIS data storage facilities
* Interactive map distribution via the Internet
* GIS database design and spatial data modelling
* Drill down analysis of spatial information
* Assist in capturing departmental specific data
* Print maps from A4 to A0 size
* Laminate maps from A4 to A0 size (by laminating maps, one can draw on the map using white board markers to highlight points of interest)
* Image Processing
The Spatial Information Management (GIS) unit is the provincial GIS unit that coordinates the use of GIS in the province of the Eastern Cape. The structure of the unit is as follows: