Search for features

The Web mapping application allows you to search and find features for Towns, Villages, Local Municipalities and District Municipalities. Drop-down lists are available for each of these categories for ease of use.

Find task

The Find task allows you to search for a Town, Village, Local Municipality or District Municipality via a drop-down list for each of these categories and are found in the tasks section of the Tasks/Toolbar area.

The administrator of the website determines the types of searches available.

  1. The find task can be displayed by clicking the relevant option in the Tasks/Toolbar.
  2. The find task opens in a new dialog window within the mapping application. A drop-down list is available to search for the required feature.

  3. Select the required feature and then click on the 'Find' button to start the search.
  4. The Results section expands in the Console to display results of the search (if it does not expand automatically, click the down-arrow in the Results section to display it). The feature searched for displays in the results item.
  5. If features are found, a plus button Treeview plus button appears next to the results item. Click the plus button to expand and explore the results. The example below shows one possible result of a search using Find.
    Find results example
  6. The results display one or more layers where features are found. Click the plus button next to a layer to display features found. For more details on using the Results window, see Using Results.